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What a day... (Part 2)
Girl and Husky
I went to Game Stop today near my house, trying to reserve ff14 (collector's edition ofc!)  I got there and this guy told me I should call back tomorrow because the collector's edition is not in the system (somehow?).  He gave me a business card with the number, and I left the store pretty disappointed.  Undeterred, I went online and looked up another store's phone number.  I called ahead and made sure it is available.  The lady said they're very busy right now and I should come to the store after an hour.  Since I was determined to get it, I went there the same day as suggested.  The lady who helped me also answered the phone.  As she took down my pre-order info, she told me that she played ffxi on fairy, and she was the best whm on the server, with all HQ stuff.  I just listened along and nodded.  All these time I just hope she placed an order for ff14 collector's edition, not the standard.

Somewhere between my 2 trips to game stop, I stabbed myself (yea again) with a screwdriver, into my thumb.  I rushed to the sink, and it was pretty gruesome.  Never seen that much blood in a sink or anywhere, not even on my period!  It hurt like hell, and my thumb was a bit numb for the first 5-10 minutes.  It is all bruised and swollen now, I can only bend my thumb half way because it's too swollen up, and it still hurts when I do.  

I stopped by Michael's Noodles because I finally had cash on me!  But instead I got treated to free Hainan Chicken w/Rice.  

I guess today's only half bad (unless my finger is going to fall off then we'll see...)

PS I never used the hungry mood before.  Awesome!
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