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Has it really been this long?!
Girl and Husky
So apparently I haven't updated my journal for 18 weeks!  Let's see...I'll try to do a little at a time!

Went to my first belly dancing class!  My last dance class was...8 years ago or something (some hip hop dancing class) and before that, ballet haha (I was 6 years old leave me alone!)  I had to lift my arm up a lot so it still sores.  It was a lot of fun though, I think I'll continue with it.  I get to learn how to shake and move, actually being all feminine.  Tomorrow I'm going to a belly dancing cardio class, because my instructor recommended that I should go and see all the dance moves she does.

Signed up for a class at MC...hopefully I'll do good :)  I don't think I did too hot for the first exam.  After I turned in my paper, I got up to spit my gum, and then *ding* yea you made a mistake on the paper dummy.

My diet is rolling sloowly...slowly but at least little progress shows!


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