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Girl and Husky
 It has been a while since I made any sort of update!

Fun story of the...
day...during's today's strep lab, my group and 2 others couldn't wait for Jose and Brian, the group across from Ghislaine and me, so we started microfuge without them.  Without our tubes, they couldn't spin their samples without some sort of balance, so I told them to make its own balancing tube from the column and add some water inside.  They were about to spin the sample the second time when Brian all of a sudden screamed out "oh shit, I don't know which one is our sample, I forgot to label my tubes!"  We were all laughing so hard, and they had to go up ro Sandoz and told him what happened.  Out of nowhere, quick thinking Jose opened the tube and smelled them, and they finally identified which tube is the sample.  He's so smart! genetics lab partner thought I'm Hispanic, from Peru.  She said I look like her friend from Peru, so she thought I am Hispanic.

Happy moment of the... car's back!  With spanking new mirror and stuff done on the body.
semester...when I was recognized for the work I do in the class.  I like the sense of recognition -> accomplishment.

Unhappy moment of the...
day...when I realized I can't graduate till spring 2012...part time or not
semester...when I didn't do so hot on exams.

My tired day occurs...
every week.  A week can't pass by until I run on sleep deficit.

I'm hopping that
...I'll find a job or some sort of research, so I can get to graduate school.
...I can finalize what direction I'm heading.


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