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What a day...
Girl and Husky
It was a hella hot day.  I hopped into the car and it read 121 degrees.  I know the reading is not too accurate in the scion, but let's put it this way.  I never saw it past 110.
I made a turn into the Qdoba parking lot when I heard some metal sound.  After 5 seconds I smelled coke.  After I parked my car, I looked around for the source of the noise.  I looked across the passenger's seat and there it was, splatters on the door.  "Shit!" I thought, I turned my head and looked at the backseat, floor.  I got soda all over my books and papers.  I went around to the passenger's side to clean it up.  Under the passenger seat I found a can of coke out of shape, with a little opening near the lid, in a flood-like puddle of coke.  The f--king can exploded in the car due to the heat.  I was pissed.  

After I got out of work, I was still bummed out about the exploded can of coke, I swung the door too hard and hit something.  Paint came off of my car.  I was even more pissed.

Shit always comes in double.


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