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It's June, and it's hot.
Girl and Husky
Summer school started already.  Damn you, cell biology.  You'll be taking over me for a long hot blazing heat month of June.  I have an exam this coming Tuesday.  I saw this girl who took genetics with me last semester...the one who promised to email me old exams solution but you never.  Grr...

I've been wanting to get some shoes for an upcoming wedding.  I bought three (DSW and Nordstrom) because I couldn't decide, and I scored some Marc Jacob flip flops while I was at Nordstrom.  I'll put up some cute pics of them, maybe someone can help me decide!

Norman bought a new HTC looks so freaking awesome!  Big lcd screen, 4G, and more.  He compared this phone with the upcoming iphone, and he said iphone's not as impressive.  I told him to install some solar panel on the back of his phone (or simply make a new charger using solar panel) and sell it, but I bet he'll be too lazy.

World cup starts tomorrow...thank goodness I didn't break the TV  just before the 2 world cups ago lol


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