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Shopping List!
Girl and Husky
My recent (and not so recent) purchases!

I saw, I grabbed, I paid.  Who doesn't love sexy pumps? I think they're cute!


Those tiny bottles look so cute!  So I got the Hong Kong collection (underneath is my genetics book!)

I love Hot & Spicy!

Alice in Wonderland

The colors are pretty~

2 Philosophy items I bought during Nordstrom's trend show.
A little more moisturizing face cream!  To me "When Hope is Not Enough" smells better than Hope in a Jar.

Microdelivery Peel...never tried it before! (and still haven't lol)

Got this for a very lucky girl!

More cute stuff

Pore minimizer!  Works pretty decent afrter 1 use.

Girl needs to eliminate possible skin damage!

Something unrelated
At MC...the female goose is warming up the eggs while the male wandered the middle of parking lot!


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