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 It has been a while since I made any sort of update!

Fun story of the...
day...during's today's strep lab, my group and 2 others couldn't wait for Jose and Brian, the group across from Ghislaine and me, so we started microfuge without them.  Without our tubes, they couldn't spin their samples without some sort of balance, so I told them to make its own balancing tube from the column and add some water inside.  They were about to spin the sample the second time when Brian all of a sudden screamed out "oh shit, I don't know which one is our sample, I forgot to label my tubes!"  We were all laughing so hard, and they had to go up ro Sandoz and told him what happened.  Out of nowhere, quick thinking Jose opened the tube and smelled them, and they finally identified which tube is the sample.  He's so smart!
semester...my genetics lab partner thought I'm Hispanic, from Peru.  She said I look like her friend from Peru, so she thought I am Hispanic.

Happy moment of the...
month...my car's back!  With spanking new mirror and stuff done on the body.
semester...when I was recognized for the work I do in the class.  I like the sense of recognition -> accomplishment.

Unhappy moment of the...
day...when I realized I can't graduate till spring 2012...part time or not
semester...when I didn't do so hot on exams.

My tired day occurs...
every week.  A week can't pass by until I run on sleep deficit.

I'm hopping that
...I'll find a job or some sort of research, so I can get to graduate school.
...I can finalize what direction I'm heading.

First Day
Girl and Husky
I am so tired, if you look at my eyes I look like a major bag lady (har har har)

Didn't get off from work till 3ish....got home around 3 or 4, packed for next day of school, reading on things I need for the day, shower, and not even an ounce of sleep.

If I am lucky, I don't have to teach tonight (5p-8p) *cross finger*

What a day... (Part 2)
Girl and Husky
I went to Game Stop today near my house, trying to reserve ff14 (collector's edition ofc!)  I got there and this guy told me I should call back tomorrow because the collector's edition is not in the system (somehow?).  He gave me a business card with the number, and I left the store pretty disappointed.  Undeterred, I went online and looked up another store's phone number.  I called ahead and made sure it is available.  The lady said they're very busy right now and I should come to the store after an hour.  Since I was determined to get it, I went there the same day as suggested.  The lady who helped me also answered the phone.  As she took down my pre-order info, she told me that she played ffxi on fairy, and she was the best whm on the server, with all HQ stuff.  I just listened along and nodded.  All these time I just hope she placed an order for ff14 collector's edition, not the standard.

Somewhere between my 2 trips to game stop, I stabbed myself (yea again) with a screwdriver, into my thumb.  I rushed to the sink, and it was pretty gruesome.  Never seen that much blood in a sink or anywhere, not even on my period!  It hurt like hell, and my thumb was a bit numb for the first 5-10 minutes.  It is all bruised and swollen now, I can only bend my thumb half way because it's too swollen up, and it still hurts when I do.  

I stopped by Michael's Noodles because I finally had cash on me!  But instead I got treated to free Hainan Chicken w/Rice.  

I guess today's only half bad (unless my finger is going to fall off then we'll see...)

PS I never used the hungry mood before.  Awesome!
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What a day...
Girl and Husky
It was a hella hot day.  I hopped into the car and it read 121 degrees.  I know the reading is not too accurate in the scion, but let's put it this way.  I never saw it past 110.
I made a turn into the Qdoba parking lot when I heard some metal sound.  After 5 seconds I smelled coke.  After I parked my car, I looked around for the source of the noise.  I looked across the passenger's seat and there it was, splatters on the door.  "Shit!" I thought, I turned my head and looked at the backseat, floor.  I got soda all over my books and papers.  I went around to the passenger's side to clean it up.  Under the passenger seat I found a can of coke out of shape, with a little opening near the lid, in a flood-like puddle of coke.  The f--king can exploded in the car due to the heat.  I was pissed.  

After I got out of work, I was still bummed out about the exploded can of coke, I swung the door too hard and hit something.  Paint came off of my car.  I was even more pissed.

Shit always comes in double.

It's June, and it's hot.
Girl and Husky
Summer school started already.  Damn you, cell biology.  You'll be taking over me for a month...one long hot blazing heat month of June.  I have an exam this coming Tuesday.  I saw this girl who took genetics with me last semester...the one who promised to email me old exams solution but you never.  Grr...

I've been wanting to get some shoes for an upcoming wedding.  I bought three (DSW and Nordstrom) because I couldn't decide, and I scored some Marc Jacob flip flops while I was at Nordstrom.  I'll put up some cute pics of them, maybe someone can help me decide!

Norman bought a new HTC phone...it looks so freaking awesome!  Big lcd screen, 4G, and more.  He compared this phone with the upcoming iphone, and he said iphone's not as impressive.  I told him to install some solar panel on the back of his phone (or simply make a new charger using solar panel) and sell it, but I bet he'll be too lazy.

World cup starts tomorrow...thank goodness I didn't break the TV  just before the event...like 2 world cups ago lol

Shopping List!
Girl and Husky
My recent (and not so recent) purchases!

I saw, I grabbed, I paid.  Who doesn't love sexy pumps? I think they're cute!


Those tiny bottles look so cute!  So I got the Hong Kong collection (underneath is my genetics book!)

I love Hot & Spicy!

Alice in Wonderland

The colors are pretty~

2 Philosophy items I bought during Nordstrom's trend show.
A little more moisturizing face cream!  To me "When Hope is Not Enough" smells better than Hope in a Jar.

Microdelivery Peel...never tried it before! (and still haven't lol)

Got this for a very lucky girl!

More cute stuff

Pore minimizer!  Works pretty decent afrter 1 use.

Girl needs to eliminate possible skin damage!

Something unrelated
At MC...the female goose is warming up the eggs while the male wandered around...in the middle of parking lot!

Finally...another update!
Girl and Husky
 Dang...almost one year since my last update!  I don't even use twitter, nor do I log onto facebook anymore, so really I haven't reported any of my activities publicly.  

Since my last updated, I'm officially an UMBC student, majoring in Biological Science!  This involves driving for about 100 miles per day, 5 times a week, some sort of rush hour traffic everyday.  Surprisingly I'm not as tired as I thought...it simply became a routine I have to do, and I don't complain much, except for the gas price.  Student body is generally a lot younger than me, mentally I felt like I was a bit of an outcast, especially I am a transfer student who didn't know anymore.  Funny thing is, I dress so young, no one can really tell I'm that much older, even though I feel like I can be their aunt haha.  

My impression of the school compare to UMCP: a lot smaller, buildings more modern without the traditional college look, higher percentage of asian seen thus far, less obnoxious people thus far, students seemed to display less school spirits, worse parking (yes, worse), nicer professors, major bee problem!

While I was excited about attending the new school and get on with my academic career, I miss the exterior design of the buildings at UMCP - the traditional college campus buildings with pillars at the front.  While parking lots might be closer to the buildings, during the beginning of the semester (maybe first 2 months), I believe there were not enough parkings for all the students.  In many instances I had to pay parking meter because I cannot find a spot anywhere.  Parking situation eased a little towards the end of semester because students would drop classes and leave campus earlier, resulting in more available parking spots.  Would I rather walk far than have to pay extra?  Yea probably.  Although to be fair, UMCP students have to pay for a parking permit, while UMBC students don't.  Besides the obvious (higher asian populations - everywhere I go I would see asians), I also noticed students don't wear as many collegiate outfit.  When I was in UMCP, A LOT of students would wear clothings spotting "MARYLAND" or "TERPS" or the terrapin logo.  This is not the case at UMBC.  In fact, I've seen students wearing UMCP gear, or sweaters/t-shirts from other school.  Another problem I have with the school is that near the entrances to the Engineering Building have crazy amount of bees flying around when the temperature got warm.  I was so scared I had to make detour and enter from a less bee-infested entrance.  One thing I love about this school is the teaching quality.  I never took a biology course over at UMCP, but I personally feel that the professors from this school (at least the one who I happened to have) are amazing!  They seem to be more passionate about teaching, from including their own research experience during lecture, or ensuring students understood the material (periodically check if students had questions).  Their attitude towards students are a lot different from many of the engineering professors I had.  UMBC professors are equally bright (eg my genetics professor received his PHD from Havard and post doc at Stanford, or the professor I'm working under was a Johns Hopkins med school graduate), but they are surely better appreciated by their UMBC students.

I'm doing ok in the classes thus far, consider I do have job(s) to go to.  I'm getting borderline A/B grade in genetics, while I believe I have a solid A in evolution/ecology.  I also applied to be a TA for BIOL100L lab class, so currently I am assisting a graduate TA and the professor during the lab period.  I just signed up to be a TA again next semester.  Every little bit helps me at the gas pump!  This summer I'll be taking cell biology.  Next semester I'll be taking 2 lab courses (genetics lab and cell biology lab), developmental biology, organic chemistry 1, and some random course so remain my full time status.

I am also taking a chemistry 2 class at MC.  The professor is the dorkiest guy I ever met!  He might seem a little odd to other students (especially his teaching style, which drove 2-3 students to drop the class), but I think he's cool!  He really want students to understand the material, while grades his exam with extreme leniency.  I have a solid A from the class no doubt!

My last exams plus final exams are coming over the course of the next 2-3 weeks, I guess I wouldn't have time to give another update soon.
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Has it really been this long?!
Girl and Husky
So apparently I haven't updated my journal for 18 weeks!  Let's see...I'll try to do a little at a time!

Went to my first belly dancing class!  My last dance class was...8 years ago or something (some hip hop dancing class) and before that, ballet haha (I was 6 years old leave me alone!)  I had to lift my arm up a lot so it still sores.  It was a lot of fun though, I think I'll continue with it.  I get to learn how to shake and move, actually being all feminine.  Tomorrow I'm going to a belly dancing cardio class, because my instructor recommended that I should go and see all the dance moves she does.

Signed up for a class at MC...hopefully I'll do good :)  I don't think I did too hot for the first exam.  After I turned in my paper, I got up to spit my gum, and then *ding* yea you made a mistake on the paper dummy.

My diet is rolling sloowly...slowly but at least little progress shows!

Girl and Husky
1 Chinese New Year
1 Shovel used clear the snow/ice from pavement
1 Odd moment when a weird woman asked if she could touch my hair...and she stroked/played with my hair for at least a full minute (yuck)
1 Toy watch fixed
1 Person's feeling I hurt (sorry)
1 Friend came back to FFXI, and he caused
1 death in doing sandoria mission
2 others died also.
2 many deaths he caused after he came back to ffxi for merely
3 days
2 Dreams that I remember, both sad
2 Jagermeisters
2 many shots of Soju, I lost count
3 days till Cruise
3 compliments I received when I had my hair straightened
3 Indian meals this week thus far because I have bad cravings for them.
4 Red envelopes received!
4 seasons of Entourage I got for Andy, that's
5 dvd set total
5 lbs of salt used on roads
5 times my work computer crashed today
6 7250 phones refurbed this week
6 rank that I achieved thus far
6 slices of cake (all different kinds!)
7 Days of work last week (Yes, even Last Monday)
7 nights cruise!
8 Hours of stomach discomfort from drinking too much Soju but...
only 2, including me, vowed to never drink Soju again because it sucks
14 different anime watched (GitS, Conan, Xenosaga, Lupin the 3rd, Gankutsuou, Nadesico, Karurenbo, Perfect Blue, Tokko, Full Alchemist, Utawarerumono, Dominion Tank Police, Mezzo, Pani Poni Dash)
22 people in New Yea Eve celebration
31 Levels gained on my SCH
80 dollars I got from New Year so far

More to come...but I think the computer's about to crash again lol

Hello, Kitty
Girl and Husky
MAC is launching a collection, collaborating with Sanrio!  It's Limited Edition and Hello Kitty.  Enough said!
You'll see me at 10am, in front of Nordstrom or MAC store.

Other than that I'm down with a flu and scraped my leg pretty bad.  Boo-freaking-hoo.


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